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Postgraduate study

VNISI Postgraduate Studies were established in 1952. At various times, the Postgraduate School was led by I.A. Goldschmidt - the first scientific secretary of the Institute for 33 years, P.V. Plyaskin, N.S. Perov. At present, scientific secretary of the graduate work in VNISI, D.D. Yushkov - a former student of Postgraduate school. Among the graduates of VNISI postgraduate school, who have dissertations and continue to work at the institute, are A.G. Shahparunyants, J.B. Eisenberg, G.S. Sarychev, V.M. Piatigorsky, L.B. Prikupets, T.L. Flodin, G.V. Fedyukin, G.N. Gavrilkina, M.E. Klykov, S.A. Georgobiani, E.I. Rozovsky, S.L. Rybalov.

Almost all the leading technical experts of VNISI finished MPEI. Therefore VNISI cooperates closely with the Department of lighting, postgraduate school and the leadership of the University. This interaction is reflected in the tuition fees of students, the distribution of young professionals in the institute, teaching and giving occasional lectures of our specialists in the department, designing and manufacturing practices of students in VNISI. Leading specialists regularly participate in the State Examination Commission. agreement on creative collaboration is still operating between organizations. Our postgraduate students have the opportunity to defend the dissertations in the Specialized Council of MPEI.

It should also be noted that VNISI often acts as a leading organization that provides feedback on dissertations made in other organizations, serves as a scientific expert on new developments and projects.

For questions about entrance and education in postgraduate school of VNISI you can access tel. (495) 686-67-11 Academic Secretary of VNISI Yushkov Dmitri Dmitrievich.