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Mechanical & climatic tests

Control and Testing Station (KIS) provides the solution of problems in testing lighting fixtures on electrical safety testing of durability and strength of products to external climatic and mechanical factors, including checks on the degree of protection fixtures shells (the IP), tested the effects of shock and vibration, high and low temperatures in accordance with GOST 30630.1.2-99 "test methods for resistance to mechanical external influencing factors of machines, instruments and other industrial products (tests for vibration), GOST 51371-99" Methods of test for resistance to mechanical external influencing machines, instruments and other industrial products (testing effects of shocks) ", GOST 30630.2.1-2013" test methods for resistance to climatic external influencing factors of machines, instruments and other industrial products (test of resistance to temperature) ", GOST R IEC 60598-1-2011, etc.

Special equipment also allows testing of electrical parameters (dielectric strength, insulation resistance, etc.) and degree of protection (IP) skins test objects.

At two sites ICC - Mechanical and climatic - taken by a certified and calibrated equipment: vibration and shock stands, climatic chambers Heat, cold and moisture, irrigation camera, check protection against dust shells, the capacity to test water resistance when immersed in water (Figure 11 -14). Control and measuring devices, power supplies, and other ancillary equipment is calibrated at an accredited state-owned enterprises, the equipment serviced by trained and attested personnel annually.

Measuring and testing of lighting products, carried out in the IC VNISI are complex lighting products for a wide range of applications. The measurement results obtained during the tests are recorded in the measurement protocols, which are the basic documents issued by the laboratory and spectrophotometric measurement of electrical, control and test station. On the basis of the protocols of comprehensive tests Testing Center VNISI specialized laboratories at the request of the customer can evaluate the technical level of the product tested with appropriate conclusions and issue a certificate of compliance of the product tested to requirements of normative documents (GOST, TU and the passport on the product).