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International Commission on Illumination (CIE) 2019 29th Quadrennial Session in Washington DC

The 29th Quadrennial Session of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) was held in Washington D.C. (United States) from June 14 to 22, 2019.

The session comprised 400 representatives of the National Committees from 38 countries, including the delegation from the Russian National Committee of CIE. The Russian delegation included Anna Shakhparunyants - the president of the CIE NC Russia, general director of VNISI; Vladimir Budak – the CIE official division 8 representative from Russia, General Editor of the "Light & Engineering" journal; Alexey Bartsev - Head of Measuring Center at VNISI; Aleksandra Bartseva – the engineer at VNISI.

The opening session was conducted on June, 17 by Yoshi Ohno - the CIE President and Ron Gibbons - the Local Organizing Committee Chair. Dr. William D. Phillips, US, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics acted as a Keynote Speaker with the presentation on The Historic Revision of the International System of Units. Further program of the conference was divided into sessions and workshops/seminars.

On June 18 a poster session was held with 100 presentations, including the presentation by Bartsev A.A, Prikupets L.B., Shakhparunyants A.G, Terekhov V.G., Boos G.V., Tarakanov I.G. «Photobiological Researches – a Way to Optimize Led’s Plant Lighting», completed in the framework of the research conducted under grant-in-aid from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (Unique contract ID 0000000007417PD20002. Unique Project ID RFMEFI57617X0099).

The presentation included materials developed during the work on photobiological research of the project “Comprehensive research in the field of photoculture and the development of a series of high-performance LED phytoradiators, providing energy efficiency of industrial greenhouses”. The presentation aroused a keen interest among the foreign colleagues, that asked questions on the points of interest and took part in the discussion of the results of the research presented.

The same poster session included a presentation “Museum Lighting in Russia: State of The Art” by a group of authors consisting of: Georgy Boos, Anatoly Chernyak, Evgeniy Rozovskiy, Aleksandra Bartseva, Alena Kuznetsova. During the administrative part of the Session the General Assembly of the representatives from National Committees of the CIE took place. At the General Assembly the new members of the CIE Board of Administration were introduced. Notably, Peter Blattner (Switzerland) took up the post of the President of CIE, and Anna Shakhparunyants (Russia) was elected as one of the six Vice-Presidents.

During the closing day of the conference – June, 19 – the participants of the Session attended a series of presentations with an Invited Key Presentation by Kevin van den Wymelenberg, US, «Light the UNseen: research at the interface of architecture, energy engineering, microbiology and daylight and newfound gaps». After the scientific part of the conference the official closing session took place.



Dr Ronald Gibbons, Conference Chair, CIE 2019; Dr Yoshi Ohno, President, CIE; Aleksandra Bartseva, member of the Russian delegation; Anna Shakhparunyants, President, Russian National Committee of the CIE


Dr Yoshi Ohno, President of CIE, addressing the audience